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Narrator's 2nd Love Story

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===Watch the 1st Narrator's Love Story Here===


DAILY FEATURE! Awesome thanks to everyone who voted :D

The Narrator is not Arin Hanson(Egoraptor)

The Narrator doesn't use his own name, he uses other people's names instead.


The all-loving Narrator is back, and this time he has lowered his standards, by wooing two women instead of three. As he tells us another story about "love".

===Other Crap/Thanks===

Wow, It has been a bit over a month now since Valentine's Day. I didn't expect to release Narrator's 2nd Love Story this late, but it is better to release it than scrap something that has been very close to completion for bout several weeks now. :D

Anyways I'm really proud of this animation, it was a lot of fun designing the menus, writing the script, and creating and animating the characters except for the lip syncing....CURSES!

Thanks to all the Voice Actors/Actresses





Also would like to thank the Audio Artists who's songs I used.




Diminitive seems to have disappeared from Newgrounds so I'm not going to be able to post that song up.

Of Course I can't forget to thank

NEWGROUND for making this all possible! =D


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MAKE MORE your videos inspire me and well by that make more videos please!!

This was damn good.

While not as flashy as other animations, the humor was there, and that's what counts!

samsonloftin responds:

Much thanks :D

Why not....

Skrew one of the immagrents?

samsonloftin responds:

He didn't want to be a rapist.

I can relate to this.

I hold illegal immigrates in my basement too. Only they aren't paid.

samsonloftin responds:

Well that's not very nice.

That was great.

Also, added right to my favorites.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Very smooth animation all around. Probably doesn't get too much better than that. A good style of animating also. Maybe the drawings could be drawn a little better with more detail, but they are still done great. Good job all around here.

~ Story/Content ~

The whole video/porno joke was awesome. I really laughed hard there because it was completely random and obviously wouldn't work as a pick up line almost anywhere. Several other jokes were also quite comical, but that had to be my favorite one. Great humor all around in this submission.

~ Audio ~

Good voice acting for the most part. The only thing that you could do to make it a bit better was during the yelling scenes. The person yelling actually made their voice quieter than the normal parts. Other than that the music and sound effects were really good.

~ Overall ~

Great humor and good job all around. Keep up the good work.

~ Review Request Club ~

samsonloftin responds:

I shall thank thee for such an amazing-eth break down of my animation. I'm glad you enjoyed this movie as much as I did and thanks for reviewing! :D