Shut It Down

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SHUT IT DOWN was a fun project; I like doing these textbox installments every once and a while because I can just relax and animate fun stuff that doesn't take days and days to complete. I also really like doing stories with this format of pink, white, and black, with a set style of an ending.

The goal of the Textbox series is to create a series of short, three color (white, pink, black) stories involving roughly drawn, yet attractive characters supported by relevant, drawn phrases, run at no more than 14 frames per second. Also, these have to end with turbulent, subtle story clues mixed into the finale of illegible glitch core.

Its fun when you have rules to stick to.

This one is about a character with a walkie talkie. Hope you like it. :)

12 frames per second
619 frames
51.5 seconds


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I found this flash to be hella weird with the animation fusing together the way it did it just started going all random and crazy but it was fun to watch except the phone dial noise got a little annoying but other than that it was a neat experimental flash.

It was okay.


Not the best I've seen today.

It was a quick animation that seemed just a bit rushed.
I felt it could've been invested with a bit more smoother animation.
The scene is a bit choppy here and there.
If intended, it needs to be with a form of neatness.
It can be done just a bit better.

Sorry but no...

The story is way too weird, not to mention is too dramatic.The animation was not that bad, so 6/10.

MorrowDays responds:

im all about the drama


Speaking about suicide? Seems there's a deeper perspective behind is, the tone was pretty annoying, so relating to the inframe characters wasn't too hard, funky animation style, a not so commonly used set of colors and a pretty unique idea too, all in all a great flash, keep it up!



Weird, but yet so cool. Underrated art >:3 (Cuz it's more of art than a movie. Which is awesome)

MorrowDays responds:

these don't usually score very high but thats okay. I'm glad you guys like it :)

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2.90 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2009
3:39 PM EDT