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** EDIT ** OK, for those of you who "don't get it." To create an ever evolving background, the code, or actionScript, is going through a loop. it repeats over and over, redrawing shapes in various random colors. It never ends, yet it is ever changing. It repeats a pattern. To put it as basic as possible - Go take some mushrooms and watch the center of the hole for like...5 minutes. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

This is a process art using ActionScript 3.0. I wanted to make a loop that was completely algorithmic (to demonstrate intellectual superiority, of course.... j/k) Programming can make some very interesting works, and exploring this is a great way to create art pieces.

Make algorithmic art!
AND PLEASE don't vote based on length, or humor...vote based on the CODE which was used to make this :)



Firstly a pre-loader was missing and I really didn't get any of it.

Fallout2000 responds:

You need a preloader for 50kb?

I don't really get it...

I think it would be pretty hard to code make and all. but I can't see the code, and even if i could see it, i don't think i would understand a single thing of it.

and there isn't much interresting in it to see either. just some swirling colors (wich would probably be more interresting if you're under influence of something :p) and mario with only his hand and head moving. you could have done more with him: let hem him dance or smoke something.

so my conclusion is: it's pretty cool, but not a single movie, maybe as a preloader or something.
And try to explain something about the coding so more people (like me) could understand it.

Fallout2000 responds:

Good idea, I should use this as a preloader, considering it's only 50kb.


I need...more...shrooms.

Fallout2000 responds:

THAT'S the ticket!

ok code what does that mean?

ok I understand what you were trying to do and I guess you suceeded

Fallout2000 responds:

"code" is computer code. It's a computer program written in ActionScript that animates this movie automatically. The whole thing is algorithmic.

Woah trippy

That's quite good for actionscript, but I thing white rabbit would have fitted the visual better, use this in a drug scene etc...

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Fallout2000 responds:

I agree! But this is newgrounds. If it was a rabbit, it would have been blammed :)

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Mar 19, 2009
5:47 PM EDT