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Words of wisdom

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To animate a character saying your chosen words of wisdom, and utilizing the 2.5d animation technique.
Learning lessons as i go, but any critique would be greatly apriciated =) thank you

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It was a simple short flash that was okay to watch, nothing awful but nothing brilliant either.

Visuals were good but mind you draw the WHOLE person and not just half of him? It's a bad habit to get into trust me.

Sound was relevant to the flash, I've heard that comment before though so it was meh.

Overall just a simple example of neat flash work, try making your ideas longer next time because I would like to see you do a lot more work, the potential is there.


This was really well done. The animation was pretty smooth, the voice was right, and the illustration was nice.

All in all, well done. 4/5 9/10

wynand responds:

Thanx matey =)

Pretty good.

The assignment was simple, and your execution was good. When the head turned, you needed to add something, either some blur, or lines, or both.

Other than that, the animation is pretty good. Art was nice but could use a little refining. Voice was befitting the character. Background looked good. Blah, blah. Blah.

You're someone who should be watched, 'cause you could potentially churn out quality work. Think of a good story to animate, and run with it - you might get somewhere.

wynand responds:

thanx, yeah defnitly going to be trying to pump out some good stuff =)

I Don't Know...

Just make some longer stuff and get louder sound (my speakers were past 60% and I still could barely hear the guy).

wynand responds:

Yeah the assignment was a short piece of lipsync but i'll submit somthing longer next time yeah =) and i'll keep an eye on the sound in future, seemed alright to me but thats the great thing bout critique, hearing other peoples prespectives. thanx for the review


It was well animated but you got lazy on us and decided to do only his upper half of his body which I totally noticed. so work on that would you? And don't get LAZY!

wynand responds:

lol thanx for the review, yeah i do loose inspiration at times. its only 1 drawing tho, but i'll keep that inmind =) i always fall in that trap