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None More Evil

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Important note: due to space constraints, the final minute of this video has been edited out. To watch the entire story and hear all of the track, I suggest you check out the Youtube page:


This track is taken from the album We Still Have The Stars, which is available to download as MP3, or can be purchased on 12" vinyl. Details here on the band's site:


This video is inspired by dream imagery and contains gory/weird bits which some may find disturbing.

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Victims of Science

Mutations, the scientifics like nazis chiefs. This flash remember me the way which have chosen the science...


I liked the way you mixed the animations, and the music did build up suspense. the ending wasn't what i expected though. I thought they would mutate or something. turns out they were just eating human. lol. it was pretty good but i don't get freaked out by video's often.

void150 responds:

I always planned it to have a definite end, so it was annoying when the flash file started to get over 10MB, and I had to cut the last couple of scenes (not to mention some of the music). The full-length version can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PsuVs JFTMk

Horror at it's finest

I like the very tense atmosphere you set up with the images and the accompanying music that sounds almost like ringing in my ears yet it's hauntingly soothing at the same time.

It arouses tense emotions in you and this is basically the essence of horror.

The movie had a very polished look to it yet the drawings were awful but because there is a quality to it than even some of the coolest looking movies don't have brings my score over the top.

It's another one of those rare truly artistic submissions that most of the people here will not enjoy unless it both rots there brain and looks cool.

The fact that this is way beyond something that exists to look cool and allows you to think up your own story as you watch makes it all the more great.

People here need a jolt to there imagination since they always expect a story handed right to them even in movies intended to be a piece that sets an atmosphere.

The whole thing is really difficult for me to describe but it was awesome none the less.


void150 responds:

Thanks for writing such a detailed review, and I'm really pleased you enjoyed it.

Until now I've been mostly drawing using a mouse... in my next project I'll have switched to a Wacom pad, which (I'm hoping) will bring an improvement to the style. But I like photoshopping other random images and putting them in too, so it creates quite a mixed texture.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback :)

Really Cool.

That was really creepy. I loved the imagery and the story. I also thought that placing bits of real pictures of things made the style of this movie more raw and unique looking. I'm going to watch the entire movie right after I watch this, but I really loved what you showed here because it left parts of it open for interpretation. Anyway, I thought it was well done.

void150 responds:

Thanks, I do try and leave stuff fairly ambiguous in my cartoons. It's good sometimes to let the viewers decide what they take away from it :)

Interesting blend of animation, but...

It was a good idea to mix the different textures, and the mood was dark and omnious (ambience isn't the same as colour!), but this is one movie that needed dialog to make it smoother. As is, it just seems to crawl at a snails pace.