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This is Jackie

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Ok lol

I kinda love maxs animations

now that was the most bruh-est ending

Nice work pally

Really think it's a good animation! Really represents what people who are 1. Poor 2. Are addicted to drugs have to go through every day. Although Jackie can be a real bitch sometimes (Man, Jerry did not deserve what she did to him after he just touched her. but BOY, did that crazy old man get what he deserved for treating jerry like he did when he was a kid!) but, can you blame her? She became homeless just because she cheated on some asshole and almost everyone she meets wants to harm her in a way. others want to get sexual with her. and with the use of drugs combined, it is basically natural to develop a self defense like that. (dont do drugs kids)

I really think it is a good animation (and the entire series is great aswell) because it (and the series) show us that some people who are poor can be very unlucky. and we (the ones who have better lives than THIS.) should be thankful because we are lucky to have good lives.

i know some people will think i took it way too seriously, and i cant blame you. I am just sharing my personal opinion. this is so professional for 2009. i mean... 1080p... in 2009?! anyways thats a wrap. this is a great animation.