The NG Rules 5

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Author Comments

Eh. Here's the fifth one. This one has some new text and stuff. It's just as much of a piece of junk as the last three were, so no new changes or anything radical. You know the drill.

This'll be the last for a week. Cheers.

Edit: I forgot to remind everyone -- I respond to all reviews, so feel free to leave one!

Edit 2: Check out the NG Rules 2, the second in this series -- it's my favorite. Believe me, it's total class. :P

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i think this deserves a prize

you won the lazy ass couch potato award no go watch tv or something i don't care

Nomader responds:

Yeah... alright, thanks for the "award".



The text scrolls really freaking fast. o__0

Nomader responds:

Haha, it's a problem I'm a bit too lazy to fix. :P

Thanks for the review!

come on...

At least you are right about people wanting a blam/protection point, this is a poor copy/paste, nothing added to be funny, it is clearly useless BUT i saw on your profil that people were "dumb" enough to let this pass so i did myself voted this to go though...

They must feel pity or something for you but seriously, when will you try to make something actually?

Enjoy and don't forget this rule :

1.2.5 Newgrounds users shall not spam the portal with rubbish content.

Nomader responds:

Believe me, right now? I'm the least of Newgrounds' problems. There are three or four different groups of spammers who are running around adding flashes far worse than these to the portal. Mine might not be funny, but if you can read at an insane pace, then you'll at least be able to gleam some rules from the site... what does a giant dick with a flashing epileptic background give any of us?

It gives us nothing.

This is no pity vote. People vote to protect because it's a "long-running series" now, and it's given by an author who's had other works in the past. It's a shame, but it's how it is. Never vote based on how other people are voting: vote for what you think the flash deserves. If we all did that, then spam crews would fail pretty miserably.

Just for the record though, I do plan on working this series out into something intelligent sometime when I know flash better... but for now, this is what it is.

Thanks for the review!

This is a great one!

This movie tells all the Newgrounds rules.If only it went slower.

Nomader responds:

If only -- however, this is only one small section, and there's a link up above which can help you out too.

Too fast

it moves to fast

Nomader responds:

Indeed it does. :/

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3.20 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2009
4:35 PM EDT