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Saturday the 14th Fun

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Well, I had a friend of mine come over (Marc) to hang out, and we gave birth to this. Not much else to say.

HOWEVER: If you are a whiney turd, then please be warned that this may make you just and has some gorey but still cartoony images.

Don't vote down because I sound young, please, because I can't hire a voice actor to do the voice of me, so I have to do it.

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Very good.

It is great to see talent at such a young age, your animations never fail to impress me, Chad. I should have expected the scream, by the time it came, my headphones were turned up full volume and I nearly fell out of my chair in fright. The concept of the flash itself is very creative, I thought it would be something along the lines of them surviving, but I like how you put your own twist to it.

The voice acting was a little scratchy, but it was still easy to understand the characters. Did you record the scream or get it online? Either way, you succeeded in scaring the hell out of me. The animation was great, I loved the flashlight moving back and forth. Anyway, this was another entertaining flash of yours, it was great from beginning to end. Keep up the excellent work!

ChadsWeb responds:

Thanks :D

I actually put a recorded scream through a ton of Goldwave effects and came up with that

Glad to know it succeeded in scaring you :P


wow.. and i knew it was coming too, but you still pulled it off :p

great animation!!


ChadsWeb responds:

Thanks :3

LOLOL i fell for it...

That was an awesome trick haha
*note to self: read reviews BEFORE watching videos....

ChadsWeb responds:


Thanks :3

hilarious but...

i too almost took a dump in my trousers. i had to turn up my volume to hear what they were saying and then "ahhhhhhhhhhh" and i went "ahhhhhhh!" good stuff though. liked the animation.

ChadsWeb responds:

Bwahahaha. The trick worked :3


good, room for improvemnt though

Was funneh, but the sound allmost screwed up my speakers on my comp. Gotta give you props for flewent anamation and good lipsycnh. like i said the quality of sound really took points off for you though.

ChadsWeb responds:

DO you mean the big scream? That was meant to be like that.