The NG Rules 2

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Author Comments

This may not be the same epic that "The NG Rules", my first work was, but I think it's a better start. I addressed most of the complaints: the long load times, the quick tween, and the problems with the sound.

This is my opus, my dream piece, and I hope that everyone at Newgrounds enjoys it just as much I enjoyed making it.

I respond to all reviews, so please, leave one.

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all you did was copy and paste the rules. it moves too fast for it even to be useful.

Nomader responds:

Sorry -- I'll slow it down sometime. Maybe.

Thanks for the review!

is it me or

do you have the same set of rules for 1, 2 and 3?

Nomader responds:

Just 2 and 3. The first one was actually supposed to be the full set, but I sent in the glitched version by accident. Eh, too bad -- I actually put effort into that one. :/

Hey, thanks a bunch for reviewing! I really appreciate it.

good start

5/5 10/10 ...it is a good idea.....it is not great but everything has a start..so...hope you do better next time
with all my respect-Sergge

Nomader responds:

Hey, thanks man. For the record, I'm really not trying with this series, but I appreciate the sentiment. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll get good?

Thanks for the review!


Well, all you did was copy and paste the rules and drag the text a little bit upward in each frame. Maybe you could try making interactive rules or someting?

Nomader responds:

Actually, I didn't even do that -- I only did one large motion tween.

I'll think about it, but probably not... I'm a bit lazy haha. Cheers, and thanks for the review!

such spirit...

such creativity .. such a man you are! now we are all safe knowing that rules are implied and to be followed! (not by the people who invented them and/or enforce them, I say "enforce" loosley)
just when I think that this beautiful website can't be any better I stand corrected and amazed by this masterpiece it is indeed ingenious and imaginative it really brings out such feelings inside of me.. feelings I never thought I would feel
its the most startling piece of art I have ever seen
now my friend, my life is complete.
I thank you sincerely..

Nomader responds:

Haha my pleasure dude, my pleasure.

Credits & Info

2.46 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2009
11:19 AM EDT