Hogan's Revenge!

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My first Flash ever! so dont hurt me!
Thanks to theflipeffect for showing me what Flash is!


hmm not the worse

a for effort, bit too short and pointless but that added humor to it in my opinion not bad for a first shot try to fix the looping though some people here have the mentality of an infant and will keep watching and waiting for an end that will never come and starve themselves to death...then try to sue you

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Nice attempt

Well i frankly hate that kind of flash. However practive makes perfect, right? :)
But there is one thing, when you make a flash like THIS. Dont post it on Newgrounds, this could be somethin you keep to yourself to remind you how you started to then reflect back on.
Afterall if you send in all your bad animations to begin with, then your not going to make a very good name for yourself :)
Anyways keep it up ^^

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no point?

enough frames to count on my hand and nothing to really look at.plus hogan only got in one groin kick wtf...

vampwolf09 responds:

it was the first flash i made dude and was made really fast


I am not at all a big wrestling fan, especially not WWB since its all acting and they're not actually fighting there best and usually letting the other guy win so that they can play it off like this:

"Oooh, its Mysterio VS. Undertaker! Undertaker is pissed since he found out Mysterio was in bed with his wife last nite!"

But this video was somewhat interesting and I dont know a thing about whats going on in wrestling right now.

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2.51 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2009
3:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody