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Abstract Arcade

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Don't forget to try out the CIRCLE DANCE mode! It is quite different to arcade style :)
Please leave any feedback, as I am interested in that.

This game has been re-submitted, because there were some technical problems yesterday with the secure failure event. Thx Tom for the effort!

Experience this colorful shooter with beautiful music and amazing effects!
Two different modes will challenge you, each with normal and expert difficulty settings!
One oldschool "Arcade Style" and a new "Circle Dance"! And should it get too fast, you can still slow down the time!


- An action-oriented oldschool "Arcade Style" mode for a good rush of adrenalin
- An unique more dodge-oriented "Circle Dance" mode
- Fantastic and unique music for normal and slowmotion speed
- Addictive bonus system


Abstract Arcade is a colorful shooter with beautiful piano music and playes like Geometry Wars, but has also some new things to offer. Besides the SlowMotion Mode (SPACE or CTRL), there are lots of items and a combo system for destroying enemies, close dodging or shield crushing them.

There are two different modes: One for oldschool shooter fans and one more special one, the Circle Dance Mode.

Each mode offers fun gameplay with ascending difficulty. How long can you stay strong?

Circle Dance

In this mode you can not shoot, but you have a circle which follows you and can crush the enemies.

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The normal game seemed rather...well, it seemed like a lot of other shooters. It's good, don't get me wrong...but adding some more spice would be nice. A few more powerups, possibly a bit more dynamic background, and maybe a change in music to certain events. A boss type monster would also be very nice to see every once in a while, and upgraded versions of enemies. Possibly a permanent upgrade system for your ship would be nice.

Now, the circle attack, for me, was a real draw. You basically made a...hm...a slightly controllable meteor hammer, of sorts. Interesting to keep me pulled, but it moved a little erratically, in my opinion.

Overall, very interesting. A few minor, personal flaws, but very good otherwise. Looking forward to more of your work (and yes, I have played Rock and Risk, very entertaining). Keep up the good work.

aka: Sam


Awesome like your other games!!!!!!!!

1:very good graphics
2:Also very good control


SiJaf responds:

Thanks :)
Wow... didn't expect a review on this one anymore :D


This game was great, the controls were easy, it was a little hard to accurately shoot though. The art was fantastic, I could play it for hours, and probably will.

SiJaf responds:

Thx for the nice word. I will let you know about future games! Have Fun!


This game is an awesome game, with its smooth feel and great design. Simple to get into and anyone can play it aswell as it has many different modes of play. Still a great game and keep up the good work.

SiJaf responds:

Thanks :) My philosophy is playability first.

Very soft

Great game.
Awesome design, good gameplay, cool little
characters, awesome engine and cool music.
I liked the game alot, great job!

SiJaf responds:

Thanks! That is very encouraging!

Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2009
10:09 AM EST