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Adoptio - Preview

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As you can see, it is better. It is the work of some last weeks. The wrong thing on Mad-N I's language was that it was made in czech at the beginning. At the end, I decided that Mad-N is too big project and I will be making it for too long time, so it's stupid to make it in Czech just because I'm not good in english NOW. So I translated all the text... But Czech - > English doesn't mean that I must just translate the words. There is different word order too, but at main... If I want to write some text in english and then write the same idea in czech and translate it(perfectly!), it's still different and the second is very strange for you. So, I hope that my new flashs will look good, sound good and other...

Also, I still don't know if I can submit it there. There is written:

Your movie must not be a pointless demo or preview...

But there are tons of previews on NG. (Not so much, but... much)

About the preview itself:

This is the preview for Adoptio - Mad-N I, II, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. (Mad-N VIII doesn't like good but Mad-N 2 too not. Roman numbering ends with the second one.) It shows the characters which will you see and scenes. I made the scenes just for the preview - 99% of them will not be used - except for Kreyd and show of a building. Some scenes are really just a fast slideshow - my computer showd me about 1 or no one from the 44 frames which each scene has. It's because I learned how to blor... about a month ago. So some scenes are very lagy because of blur.

Also, the animation is better, more fast (Cheeeedoh scene !) and I learned some good effects ( Lava scene !). And the whole animation has some bonus - it's my first submit with the V-Camera...
The people have good hands, too. It is not so random as in Mad-N I. But some people really don't have hands. I don't give hands to someone who won't use them or who looks unseemly with them. If yes, he will drag them up. But if you think that it's really mistake, say it and I will remember it to my other flashs/flashes...

Thank you for reading, watching... I won't put a download there, because I downloaded Sothink SWF Catcher and I understood why there aren't any links... so I hope that I was just primitive and it doesn't need link because everyone has the Catcher.

Thank very to asiangamer1029, too. I it was very easy to seperate it and fit my flash to its parts. I hope that you will give him lots of points... :D - I didn't separated it full. I didn't know what to put at the end, so there are just 20 words. Another names from Mad-N which are just mixes of letters(Kreyd, Ereus and other too) and some happenings. - The music is great and my flash could look different(=worse) if I used some other. I don't mean the one about which I spoked in my new, that one wasn't 100%(but it was still good), I hoped that I can find something other on audio portal.

And here you have a wallpaper for the first season:

http://uloz.to/1413043/Ad optioWallpaper.png

Completely drawn in flash with brush !!!... except for approximately 20 lines.

And write comments, please. I am really happy for each comment(but not for stupid/insulting ones).

EDIT: Great.... just renamed.



multiple characters who are not just the same character with diffrent skins
music choice
a little laggy (can't be helped)
not much time to see the characters

5/5, 10/10, well done!

great work

is cool

Can't wait to see more!

I love when you have different kind of charaters who all over their speacial powers and flaws. And this movie semse to have a lot of them.
I cant wait until the series begins.

-The Music was perfect for the movie.
-The graphic was awesome. Black and red are allways a good mix.
-Intensity, you were never boring watching the movie, something happends all the time.
-The loading screen itself was cool. :)

I belive that i could have been better of the screen just stopped for a moment when you see the charaters names. Just so you have alittle more time to read the name and see how he looks like.

Looks good.

It reminds me of a Madness version of X-Men- should be very interesting. Your animation is very smooth, movement is good, and the special effects are well done- overall a very professional looking piece. I will be looking forward to the series.

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Good,but only a trailer

EN: Cannot wait for the series.
CZ: Mas na to,abys udelal kvalitni MC serial.Hodne stesti,jen tak dal.

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Mar 6, 2009
9:56 AM EST
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