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Planaria on Drugs

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This is a really quick animation I did out of boredom. I was wondering how good of an animator I would make, so I decided to draw some blobs flying around. As an added bonus, the dot's glow changes colors. In total, I used 205 frames of animation at 18 frames per second. This was made VERY quickly, so don't expect anything stupendous.

EDIT: I changed the name to 'Planaria on Drugs' since normal planaria aren't quite as interesting.

Planaria are non-parasitic flatworms of the biological family Planariidae, belonging to the order Seriata. Planaria are common to many parts of the world, living in both saltwater and freshwater ponds and rivers. Some are terrestrial and are found on plants in humid areas. These animals move by beating cilia on the ventral dermis, allowing them to glide along on a film of mucus. Some move by undulations of the whole body by the contractions of muscles built into the body wall.

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I liked it :) always a fan of frame-by-frame doodle effects

Kwing responds:

Something tells me you're a famous NG user... *Checks profile*... O_O Holy crap! And thanks for the review :D



Kwing responds:



great show. do they spell something at the end?

Kwing responds:

Yeah, Kwing.

Your description is educational

You've taught me something today! Sick choice of music.

I thought this was well animated, and pretty cool. What do the planaria write at the end of the loop?

Kwing responds:

Heh, thanks! It's Kwing (my name).