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Bake a Delicious Cake

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Author Comments

Annd here's my second Flash movie. I honestly don't think it's nearly as good or as interesting as my first, 'Little Miss Muffet'. But it was for a college project, so I had to get it done regardless.

The point here was to make a flash video instructing the viewer to complete a task, so I choose baking a cake. The animation of the ingredients was tedious...

Now, the cute anime catgirl (As well as the 'Delicious Cake' line) was added for visual interest.. and also to reference a certain joke. Your only hint is this: The reference is NOT to the game Portal.
If you catch onto the joke I'm referencing, you get a hug. ;) If you don't catch on.. I'm not going to tell. =P

So.. yep.. this is pretty simple, I really don't need to explain or describe much here.
The intro and ending scenes are my favorite. Hope you like it.


the is excellent

but tbh I made the connection to Lazytown -

How to bake a pretty cake

Cooking by the Book

that comes from watching too many shows with the kids.

the basics is all you need to make a delicious cake - that is a great job.

you could make a whole series of these

Except from now on, don't give her human hands but big tiger's paws and animate her being really clumsy with everything she tries to do because she can't get a very good grip on it; and then have her come up with brilliant schemes to get around her lack of opposible thumbs with levers and rope and pullies (or just holding things with her mouth with a little direction from her hands, and maybe sometimes grip a utensil in her tail instead) and so eventually succeed with each demonstration but with a great deal more effort than an actual human would have; maybe then use her claws to cut things, and at some point she should be working with raw meat and eventually start looking at it more and more and eventually break down and say "I just can't take it any more!" and pounce on it and start gnawing it, and then apologize to her viewing audience. Yeah, that would be very funny. Oh well.

Hmmm, I don't want to use all that butter though.... that's a lot of butter. How about canola or olive oil?

something aesthetic about it

Although your other videos seem to be of a goth motif, I think you are at your best when you're not trying to be disturbing and creepy (well, Little Miss Muffet wasn't really dark and creepy even if you tried to make it as such, it was just an alternate viewpoint sort of thing on poor misunderstood spiders - but the girl growing wings and flying in front of the moon with the guy, that kind of creeped me out). There's something appealing about the sheer innocence of this. It's not annoying-cutesy like carebears or barney, it's just pure. I don't know, maybe it's because I searched "catgirl" on newgrounds and this is the only thing I found that didn't look boring or perverted.

Aside from the fact that I'm piqued about what the secret reference is about the catgirl (not any anime series I've seen, and I've seen a lot - perhaps you could give a TOPIC that she is a reference to - like if she's a satire of something else, or a reference to a game). But that's not what I'm writing this comment for.....

I was actually wondering if you could make available this as a file that can be downloaded, since it's genuinely useful, so that I may follow the recipe at times when I don't have internet access (or heaven forbid if Newgrounds ever gets wiped off the face of the net).

I like how her tail isn't synchronized with her blinking at the end (so her eyes aren't closed when her tail is in the same position every time). I was watching that for several minutes and thinking "I wonder how she did that".

I like your choice of music for it too. It really goes well.

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The cake rising.

I like how you made the cake rise it was pretty cool. make more!

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that was actually pretty good! can we bake muffins next :3

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4.23 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2009
6:17 PM EST