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This is Epic Kiss without the jpeg photo backgrounds and slow motion flying heads. I tried to make it interesting, and set it to a sweet tune.
All tweening except for a few things here and there.
This can be categorized as Valentine's day, sure. but i know its a month pass already. I only made this like a week ago too. enjoy?

True- Spandau Ballet



I agree that the gunshot was a little...unexplained. It was what would be termed "improbable". In writing and in movies, animations, etc, there are two things for the story: the impossible, and the improbable. The "impossible" is something you can do in the story, like having someone with superhuman powers, or an x-ray vision scope on a gun, et cetra--provided you've given the background for it, placed the viewer in the world that such a thing is possible in. The improbable is total randomality. The gun shot, in this case, was improbable. There was nothing to provoke it. However, this improbability is the basis of some really good comedy, such as ATHF, Sealab, and this flash. But I feel that in this case, the timing was wrong, and that is was made it not quite as funny as it could have been. Like, the kissing part, the song, was lovely in that it was a parody. It was cliched and purposefully so, which made it all the better. But then the gunshot was all serious. Like, no over-the-top agony from the man, the woman was all serious and angry with the shooting. It just didn't work for me.

As for the animation, I again agree with previous posts. It was very...refreshing? I think is the word I want. I enjoyed it. Especially when the hearts started in, those in particular I feel were well done. Keep at it, I really hope to see more from you!

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Good enough

I liked the overall style of it and the felling of it, the gunshot at the end was a little bit unexplained though... But I want to see more from you. Your art isn't half bad. And I wanna know from the post before mine, what the heck is a 'rere'?


the sounds were sweet and the art was great. i have Qu why did that bitch shot him. that was funny anyone that gives this a low rating is a rere

epic alright

I liked the music and the animation was good, hair flowing, into a passionate kiss, ending with a gun shot?
good but strange.
from, josiah10

Not What I was Expecting

I liked the animation and the song you choose but the ending left me a little confused. If you hadn't added that last part in there it would be much better because it was a nice little flas with good animation but the ending made me vote low on this post. Also, I would continued through with the song instead of just repeating it.

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2.35 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2009
4:27 PM EST