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A man from the 1950s lounge culture scene gets pulled over by the police.


Makes me wanna pop in . . .

a Rat Pack CD, MrMeeky------>
Once again, you've charmed me (with your taste and flair for the 50's)! Ha ha ha ha. The style was basic but in NO way boring or dumbed down. Your idea's nice. I like the thought of someone out of their original timeline being placed in a recent day setting. Your mixing was done well (for the music in the car, the police care and the voices). He was cute, bobbing his head around to the music, too. And of COURSE, he HAD to be smoking. Didn't everyone back then? Ha! You're a creative guy that can execute his ideas in animation format. Good for you. Another job well done, my friend. Looking forward to more. Until then...

.............Take care, be good and light up a cigarette.period
:(Gaia:) Not really though, they're a hideous habit, to break.

MrMeeky responds:

Hey, I've been reading all your reviews this morning. It seems I have a fan other than Ludamage now! I'm really glad you enjoy my animations. Recently I've been a little disheartened and I've wanted to pack it in, but as long as you keep watching them, I'll keep making them. Take care!


WTF it was?
Really - nice animation and medium voice acting level, but joke of the movie....it really makes me confused of it ^_^

Funny as hell

Freaking funny! i laughed so hard i spilt my drink all over the place

Pretty good!

Well, it was short, but effective. I liked the joke, it got a smile outta me. The animation itself was pretty simple, but it got the job done. Stylistically this is very well done and the music compliments the animation well.

The only thing I can really judge is your drawing style. I was once told that when animating, the two most important things to focus on are faces and hands. Some of the faces are pretty good, for example the main guy and the cop. I don't know why you didn't bother to detail the wife's face that much however. I think the joke would have worked better if you went into extreme detail, kind of like one of those disturbingly detailed close ups from Ren and Stimpy. Also, the back of the cop's head isn't all that impressive. Try actually drawing the back of somebody's head from real life, see what it looks like then try again.

The hands in this could use some serious work though. Everybody's got sausage fingers and their hands look deformed. The best advice I ever received about drawing hands was that you should draw them like mittens, and then go into detail (dividing up the fingers, adding in knuckles, etc...). Try some life drawing, get the anatomy down. It'll help.

Some of the animation works better than other parts. The cop approaching the car for example is not that great, but while the guy is driving things work well enough. Nothing too serious, but it could use some tweeking.

But otherwise good job. You made a funny short, with a decent sense of style. Well done.

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MrMeeky responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback. Yeah, my drawing lacks a lot of things, really. I'm getting better all the time, though. I've never been able to draw hands but I'll take your advice!


Hahaha I lol'd so hard. Ohh, that's just my wife.

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Mar 4, 2009
4:05 PM EST
Comedy - Original