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Based on a true story.



Seriously? why not show why the guy went O_O i rate this 6/10

I found it pretty funny...

It had pretty good animations all though there wasn't much animation in the flash and i thought the humor wasn't to bad i also like the drawing style of your characters so 9/10

Slightly more entertaining than the average shit.

Overall, i'd have to say this is entertaining, but not worth the decent reviews its gotten so far as it happens to be quite unlikely that a viagra add WOULDNT work when you click on it, usually they open three seconds after you open the damn page, the last bit of the video at the very end was the most entertaining of the whole video but it wasnt enough to save the whole video.

Dont know why im writing so damn long reviews for shitty submissions today.

Dragonblue80 responds:

Im sorry you feel that way.

I had to watch this twice to get the joke

and I dindt find it very funny and the flash was too short but the animation wasnt horrible so gave you a 6/10

Waterfox XD

Could have needed a bit more, you look to have potential with your graphics and style but I was just waiting for that punchline in this flash that didn't come

Dragonblue80 responds:

*Punches a line* there's your punch line. (Ba-dum, crash.)

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2.44 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2009
12:34 PM EST
Comedy - Original