LL - Campfire

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A group of locks become lost in the woods.

(I made this to deal with my insomnia.)

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Well, I didn't see it coming

A nice little short with a pretty catch punchline and one of the best ever jokes from Airplane as well :P

I can see the idea behind killing LogLock to make a campfire, as he's a log and therefore made of wood, which will make a nice fire, but why Domino? Everyone knows that there's no meat on a domino, so he should be in the clear.

I'd have preferred it if you'd have had either Radish or Almond ask Domino's question, as then it would have presented a much better punchline, either that, or have them gang up on Marshmallow.

I think that the drawing style could use some work - it's not quite there yet, so try zooming in a little more and spending more time on your drawing, so that you can get a better, more rounded piece, with more crisp detail. It will make so much difference to your productions, I'm sure.

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LeafLock responds:

lol, the joke is that domino is the only non food lock there, making him the silliest choice when it comes time to eat someone. i made this in one night while having an insomniac episode, so the details aren't gonna be there. i am working harder on some of my future projects, and i hope you enjoy them. thanks for the review!


I like it..good idea...


i thought domino would eat everyone else because they are actually food

LeafLock responds:

that's the joke :3


OMG this made my laugh so hard!I was like waiting for the conclusion then when seeing Domino I was like "OMFGLOL XD!"

Nice work dude!

LeafLock responds:

lol thx

But who are we going to eat?

Shit..... xD I would have expect the Marshmellow Lock.

LeafLock responds:

it wasall part of my devious plan! :3

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4.39 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2009
4:45 AM EST
Comedy - Original