Benny The Movie

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Author Comments

A movie that took over 5 months to create, and only a day to finish. Pure comedy combined with action and drama, all mixed up.

Be prepared to shit bricks.

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Wow I have to admit

This is kind of a decent flash video. Has a couple funny parts in it like Mario and the exploding letter and the Who's that pokemon part. This is the best video I've seen from bobby and that's saying alot for a spammer

Rating: 7/10
Vote: 3/5

Benny the movie

That scene with mario doing the blue clues letter song was so frinking funny, I can stop laughing lmao! The pokemon one was funny too! wonder what kind of moves would homer do if he was a pokemon?

Bobbyballers responds:

he would rape little children in virginia tech

On the right track

Since this movie is a bit like "The idiots of Garry's mod", which I LOVE, It gets a thumb up.

Make it longer.

Bobbyballers responds:

actully i love that series & ts a great inspiration

not bad!

nice one!

Bobbyballers responds:


Hahaha! xDD

Shitting bricks? Im shitting cinderblocks... Great flash. :D

Bobbyballers responds:

I'm having cement diarrea

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2009
12:36 PM EST
Comedy - Original