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ABunchofNESsedUpCrap 2

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Finally, after a lot of on and off work, I'm done. This movie contains a total of 26 Scenes. Unfortunately, the Ice Climbers are absent from this one. But I think the new running gag keeps the spirit alive. Not much commentary to put here. I put a live commentary at the end of the movie, so, it's all pretty much there.
There are 2 Easter Eggs in the movie. Try to find them. Also, tab won't work. Suck it, dirty Tabbers. >:D
HINT: Patience is the key.

FINAL EDIT: I fixed the credits up and unborked a scene that didn't play, although it was just another Elevator Scene. Also added Star Tropics to the Credits and credited Brawl in the Family for the joke I referenced.

Ugh, since apparently no one can find the Easter Eggs (looks angrily at Taco), here is how to find them. Wait about a minute after the Credits. After the first Easter Egg plays, wait another minute. Playing the Commentary will cause the Easter Eggs to not activate. That was intended though.

UPDATE: OMFG! DAILY 2nd!!! I'm so freaking honored!!! That and I'm still freaking out right now as I'm typing this! XD
This is like a freakin dream come true! And this couldn't have happened without your support! You guys are the BEST! And again, thanks a BUNCH for watching!

UPDATE2: Front Page....this is like a dream come true....You guys....are the freaking best.... XD

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Dude, how I can play Mega Man 9? Can you give me download link? But NES Style. Thanks :)

Shoryuken!!! Lol. Everytime.

This is such a great video. Every clip in it is funny even though I only knew about half of the games. I especially loved the Little Nemo part. I'm not really familiar with the game but it was one of my favorite movies as a kid. The MegaMan 9 jokes were top notch. Makes me wish I had it. I'll have to download it someday. The MegaMan 3 easter egg was amazing as well but you gotta bring back the black mage and maybe some of his friends like the white mage or the thief. Looking forward to more of these. Keep up the good work! Hadoken!!!

Gunstar-X responds:

Thank you sir. I'll definitely bring back the Black Mage and maybe the others in the 3rd. And I'll do it just because you asked. Cuz honestly, I didn't even consider bringing that gag back. If I recall, a review on the original said that the Black Mage gag was overdone or something. But whatever, it's gonna be back now.


One of the best things I have ever watched. SHOIIIIIIYOKEN!
plus, i was wondering, what is that song in the credits? I want to get that song!

Gunstar-X responds:

Thank you kind sir. I'm not sure about the EXACT song name, if you want, you can PM me and I'll track it for you. However, I DO know that it is a song from the Mario DDR Mix OST. If you can find it (should be easy) you can find it there.


but you didnt sing that godhand song. thats the actual one from the credits.

Gunstar-X responds:

Ya. I know. I sung the Rage version hidden at the end.


this made me lololololololololololo 15 timessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gunstar-X responds:

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. :D