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The days of Young Cyclops

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Author Comments

With the X-Men origins movie going around, I felt it kind of necessary to create my own "Origins" story and sort of recreate in a parody manner how Scott became Cyclops in this short film.

This is my second short film edited in flash, unlike "Kinky Rayman"... I've actually added a preloader to this movie, I even tried animating it but I don't know how to get all of the kinks out when animating between a frame by frame "graphic" to a "movie clip" and still get it to work as I hope it would.

So take it easy on me, I'm still figuring things out. Hope you enjoy it though!

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funny but your missing something I don't know what it needs though definitely a overall better animation than I could do so thanks for trying to make people laugh and taking out your own time for humour

The animation and voice acting was juvenile... and if your going to parody a character that has as long of a publication history as cyclops, I would recommend starting out by knowing anything at all about the character and their history. I have no intention of putting you down, it just seems that this flash was a total failure and I can't find anything about it to praise.


welll the art was great....the animation pissed me off....it looked a tad bit noobish.plus you could have worked alot harder on this,i hope to see a hell of alot better stuff next time you do something

Let me be a geek for a minute..

- Scott's hair is brown

-His beams do not produce heat

-He is unaffected by his beams

Now geek facts are done.... This was mildly entertaining and pretty good for someone who doesn't know flash very well. The joke worked but those drawings need work.
In all this was a good piece just with a few missteps.

Animation needs work??????

you sucessfully made a great comedik point,..and you did it well.