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RE-UNdead:dopey's driving

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Author Comments

*sorry about the RE-UPload, if you were not able to view the movie you will now be able to now*


dopey remembers when he used to drive

if you vote you review, you will be a god in my eyes

also, DOPEY'S BACK!!!

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This is a great flash, works well and is hilarious, I love how the characters have so much to them and they work well together, nice animating too and character design it works well... haha make more! :)


my names chris tooo :D

i loved it but why re submit?


cool animation

It's a good start

What you have here is a good start to a cartoon, but you need to put in more effort. The idea is pretty funny, but there are several flaws which prevent this flash from being great.

First of all, lip synching. Do it. It's a lot of work, but if you want your flash to be taken seriously, then you need to put in that effort. Moving the heads is a start, but their lips, or stitch things that are where their mouths should be should open when they're talking. I'm pretty sure that there's tutorials on NG about how to lip synch, take a look at them. Flapping mouths are barely more impressive than the moving heads.

Also, things seem a little overly tweened in general. If you insist on tweening that much, then change the symbols a couple of times. Have their hands moving or something. Articulating more than just the head will help. I always suggest putting in the extra effort and FBFing, but if you aren't willing to do that, then at least tween it to a higher extent, and work to make it a bit more fluid.

One last animation tip. Remember that you are working in animation and you can do anything with it. When the biker gets hit, exacerbate things a bit. Maybe he lands on the hood and splats and then flails into a wall or off of a cliff or something. Maybe he could get dragged under the car for awhile. The car would keep moving and drag him behind it, or he could even just get crushed by a tire. Just tweening a guy bouncing off the hood of a car isn't that interesting. Add in some physical comedy. Really try to push it to the limit. You don't necessarily need to make it graphic if you don't want to (although I get the sense that graphic would be right up your alley, at least for this flash), but really push the joke further.

The voice acting and writing are pretty decent though. You've got a funny joke here, and I just wish that the visuals could compare to the audio. You've got a good basis to work off of, but you really need to push it further.


"Maybe this isn't the best way to teach kids about safety..." Original and funny.