Press Start: Food Fight

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Press Start Adventures - "Food Fight"

Zack and Trenton must rescue Buzz from angry rock monsters! Featuring Joshua Stafford (SAINTS ROW 2) and Egoraptor!

"Press Start Adventures" is a monthly animated series that follows the live-action videogame parody movie "Press Start", available on DVD at www.PressStartMovie.com.

Some folks have asked why these episodes are a little shorter than the earlier Press Start cartoons. They were originally intended for mobile devices and needed to be under 3 minutes -- ideally around 2. We've got a batch of toons already in production, but we'll revisit the length after those. Thanks for your support!

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LOL, I like the reference to the castlevania wall-chicken

Nice Animation

I like the references that were used from the original games. Such as, Trenton Belfast (Based off of Simon Belmont, Castlevania) used his whip, threw the axe and used a large heart (This is ALT. energy from Castlevania) to use the boomerang. Along with finding hidden wall pizza (Based on hidden wall pork chops from Castlevania). For Zach Nimbus (Whom I belive is based on Link) had the poison pulsing sound (This was a sound I hated to hear at low heath). I couldn't find any references for Buzz Porcupine (Due to my lack of knowledge for the Sonic series).
On the other hand though, the animation hasn't been the best I've seen, And felt a little chopy and stiff. If the animation could be improved through the progression of the series, It could make this a much more popular and renown series.



Well, I can understand that the reason Buzz is my favorite character is because he is voiced by Egoraptor of course. I was really impressed by the animation which seems to be getting better all the time. The real highlight was the fight with the giant rock monster. I do kind of wonder how those things always randomly blow up and where did those rocks from the service come from? It is always great to see the movie being promoted at the end. The action was really the highlight of this, as it did not focus that much on humor. It is such a long running series and yet makes consistently great entries!

lol wow

times like this we must turn to the words of the good book-opens bible-bible beam!


Good job. I loled with the ending.

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Feb 27, 2009
8:52 AM EST