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Hello Newgrounders,

I know it's spelled "typography" in English, but this was a "French-oriented" college work, if you'd like. I also know it could have been much better if I did it in AfterEffects, but I don't know AfterEffects. We haven't learnt it yet, besides, we were meant to do it in Flash and I was hoping to increase my knowledge of text animation with flash.

I hope you enjoy it. It's not much of an anti-smoking campaign, but hey, I liked the audio so I used it.

I also animated the explosion myself. Not a big deal, but hey, I'm a beginner and it's my pride of the moment. =)

I hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to offer constructive criticism, it's how I learn.

P.S: The audio is from one of fightwithfact (dot) com's commercials. All credits to them for the audio. Check them out. :)



Thank the heavens that someone finally understands how I feel about smoking. this is a great flash. Rock On!

VirulentX responds:


I'm pretty sure many people understand, they just don't express it.

Seeing all the positive reviews I've been having, I'm starting to consider to make a real anti-smoking animation.

Hrmm. ;o

very good

well done, the flash is very nice and flows smoothly with the audio. Best wishes that your teacher gives you a good grade on it.

VirulentX responds:

Thanks! I'm presenting it tomorrow, which reminds me I should go to bed. o_o;

If he gives me a bad grade, I'll show him your review. ;D

I'm going to fight

WITH FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice work. much props. I can't really give constructive criticism considering I am not an animator but I really dislike cigarettes and tobacco companies so much props.

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VirulentX responds:

Thank you for the review. :)

Not Bad

For what you were trying to do, I thought it was pretty successful. This was just a school assignment but I can tell you put some time and effort into it. Best of luck with future Flash and AfterEffects projects.

VirulentX responds:

I did indeed put more effort than needed in it. :)

Thank you for the review!


i loved it
i hate smoking personally and i enjoy that you put a message out to help stop it
the flash itself was pretty cool as well

VirulentX responds:

Thanks a lot.

To be honest, the flash wasn't truly made to advertise anti-tabagism, it was more of a school assignment. But since I do my best to fight against big tobacco too, I thought that audio was a pretty good choice. It's not MEANT to convince people not to smoke, but if it convinces them to check the guys over at fightwithfact dot com, I suppose that's better than nothing. :)

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Feb 26, 2009
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