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Snowy Night

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Author Comments

Made this for my 200k kiriban over on Deviant Art for someone. Just a quick animation with no planning.

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Nice run cycle...

It has some nice moods in it but there isn't much else to say. The run cycle was good but it was a little jerky still and the pelvis rose too much without a very long transition between steps. I wish you had animated beyond this... what... 20 second clip? It's not bad but it's not good enough to go anywhere if it's this short.

Thumbs Up

I give either a 0 or a 10 depending on it all..

0-4 gives an all out 0...

5-10 gives an all out 10...

If I were going to break it all down into specifics.. You so got the 10..

Reason being I.. Love... Wolves.....


Beautiful animation and great sound. If you could ever turn this single scene in to a good story you would rise to the top of new grounds in 0 seconds flat!

Right behind "There she is",haha. ;)


Beautifully animated

The one and only problem was it lacked a story, but I'm not going to say that that is so bad, since it was so beautiful. Short as it was, it was still amazing.

Very nice

Great graphics, and good music. Nice job