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Cyberen w/ the Golden Gun

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FORUMS BACK UP, FOLKS: http://z11.invisionfree.c om/cyberen_sillies/index.

We open with Cyberen's hero and primary antagonist, Jhonen Vasquez, searching for the missing "Solex Agitator," a device that will harness the sun's radiation and give awesome power to whomever possesses it. But, also vying for the prize, is Cyberen, a closet-homosexual, government-employed hitman who is known as "the gay with the golden gun", because of the golden gun he carries and his "sassy" demeanor.

Jhonen Vasquez receives a message supposedly from Cyberen saying that Vasquez is his next target, so the aptly named Dr. Steely Tennipples (who turns out to be Jhonen Vasquez's sinister employer despite previous conflicts*), to relieve Vasquez of his duties till the danger has been neutralized, but Vasquez, sick of dealing with Cyberen's neurotic bullcrap, decides to go and find Cyberen himself.

Cyberen, not after Vasquez at all (and, in fact, still infatuated with him) encounters Jhonen Vasquez at a gay strip club they both came to "accidentally". When Cyberen has a clear shot at Vasquez and misses, (which Cyberen never does**), Vasquez knows Cyberen ain't after him! But the man who was killed by Cyberen is the man Vasquez was originally looking for (my goodness!), a scientist working on a device that can harness the sun's energy. Will Cyberen and Vasquez resort to violence (VIOLENCE NEVER SOLVES ANYTHING, KIDS!)? Who will find the Solex Agitator? Watch and find out!

Jesus and I love you!
-Princess Laucherella

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM LAUCHERELLA: If you haven't been keeping up with the Cyberen Sillies, and you're wondering why Cyberen looks so hefty in today's Cyberen, it's because Brock Janson, the real "Cyberen", has gained over 50 pounds stress-eating as a result of his recent battle with cancer. Please go to http://cyberen.newgrounds .com and give Cyberen your support as he packs off the pounds!

Love always, Princess Laucherellla :)

*See "Wild Wild Cyberen Part 2" (http://www.newgrounds.co m/portal/view/477225) for details

**Cyberen demonstrates his sharpshooting skills in "Cyberen Get Your Gun" (http://www.newgrounds.co m/portal/view/464524)

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Better luck next time

You just didnt even try 1/5, 3/10


Piece of worthless crap -.-

I Don't Even Watch Them

I don't need to, considering the fact that every flash you submit is a 2 second loop of crap. I hope someday you put more than 5 grams of effort into a submission.

That was pretty terrible

That was terrible seeing how it was only a barney dancing around doing nothing. Try again next time. Try and put some effort towards a real flash too.

5'd for Acid Bath


Princess-Laucherella responds:

heck yeah

Credits & Info

0.43 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2009
9:57 PM EST