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BUY The Amazing Stuff
Brilliant idea by Lady Arsenic, the amazing stuff!

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Why do I keep watching this?

Just too awesome, I'm definitely sending this in for the overlooked jems contest

vago187 responds:

hahaha awesome, thanks!


amazing stuuuuffffffffffff

vago187 responds:

XD! cooooooo

Funny Dialouge, Animation Hurts It

The announcer was so eccentric that I was hoping of actually seeing him do stuff rather than just hear him, and his voice is crazy. The joke itself was pretty funny in the beginning, but it kind of trailed near the end. Had it been executed better in terms of visuals, it would have made a much better submission. With different shots, better drawings, and a tighter script, I wouldn't be surprised if this was put on the front page.

vago187 responds:

yeah, but much like the animation as you so eloquently put it my mind also "trails near the end" Not lack of focus, just lack of... yeah maybe your right.

Suitable For All Audiences?

Funny video! Not really suitable for all audiences though, is it?

vago187 responds:

Kids need to learn at some point... we need to educate the children. Not lent left behind

haha clasic

This was hilarious. The guy's arm rocketing off into space was so weird it made me lol. 5/5

vago187 responds:

hahaha I it made me lqtm (laugh quietly to myself) since I know what was happening, but then I pak'd a bow and it became much funnier.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2009
5:14 PM EST
Comedy - Original