Pokemon kanto memories

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Well, this is a movie I made back in summer 2007. It took me about 4 days to make and, was pretty fun. Please don't just say "it sucks" and vote 0 from the starting thing with the pika. I know its not that great but I haven't submitted anything in a long time so I thought maybe i'll try this. And if you happen to be one of those 300 people who saw this when I first submitted this, it's not stolen. I'm pretty sure it wasn't working properly so it got blammed but it should work fine now. please visit: http://polles.synthasite.
com/ (take the spaces out of the url) and you can see other things I made. Also, if the ad i put in actuallty works this time, yay!

7-13-09 i have just started making a sequel to this, so this one will be fixed up, and some features i didnt know how to do before will be added.

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that wasn't even worth watching all of. You complain about stealing graphics on other peoples games...but...what the hell was that? Kinda immature and lame...one part funny, that's bout it til i thought the whole thing turned into "craplax." yeah i can't think of anything good to say about it so, thanks for posting it though?

polles responds:

Umm, you know theres a difference from stealing graphics and using free online sprites? I actually was only 11 when i made this, but who the fuck would expect something on newgrounds to be "mature" I didn't expect that great of a response from anyone and i am surprised that your the first one to rate it low. Most people actually liked the craplax part, and your grammar makes it pretty hard to tell if you did or not.

oh and for my review of granpa mario (where you got the link to my profile) i didnt way he stole the graphics. i said they were dull, not stolen.

oh wait i just figured it out, you said the movie turned into crap... the end was better so i dont know what ur talking about

ahhh memories...

well sort of...it brought me back though...kind of

polles responds:

holy crap... how did you find my movie more than a week after i submitted it??? lol

This was

Really god, make more ;)

polles responds:

i might :D

Kinda funny actually

First off, it doesn't play automatically after the preloader, might wanna fix that. The frame rate was kinda low. But, the battle scene was pretty funny, and after that. If you made a Flash about the memories in Kanto, shouldn't it have been based on R/B/Y? At least those have a nostalgic factor, and were much better than FR/LG... but anyway, it was better than I expected.

polles responds:

for the preload thing, I didn't want it to start automatically. Whenever someone does that in their flash it kinda annoys me so I didn't make it like that. And about what one I based it off of, if you didn't know, firered and leafgreen are in kanto and are much like red blue and yellow. I do agree that it would be a bit more "nostalgic" if I used the original sprites, but they looked like crap so i didn't

Dude, Whoa man

That was trippy random. I played pokemon, back when I was 13 I got it for the gameboy when it first canme out (Christmas). So this brings back memorys, but with colour.

As soon as he said it was heavy I knew I'd see Snorlax, haha...Craplax. Thats hilarious. I was laughing my ass off. Sounds like a Fiber bar or something.

Nice video.

polles responds:

lol ...but craplax sounds more like a laxitive.

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Feb 22, 2009
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