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Link's Breakin in 3

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This'll probably be the last of this series so enjoy it.
Much shorter than the previous two but hopefully you'll laugh


Great job! :)

Hey, I remember watching 'Random Mario Fight,' a few years back, and you've definately came a long way since then. I am impressed with your series, and your growing ability with flash.

As for 'Link's Breakin In 3,' it was overall short and sweet. Made me laugh (in a good way) a couple times, but it did get less interesting as the flash progressed.
I look forward to your future flashes and I am a fan of your work. :) Don't give up!

Overall: 7/10 and 4/5!

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CrispyZero responds:

Tank you very much, always nice to have a fan. :D

Pretty funny!

It was good. Could have been a bit longer, and voice overs would be nice, but all in all, it was good.

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CrispyZero responds:

Tank yaw very much

Best one yet.

I was happy to see you used the Minish Cap sprites in this flash and for the most part i got a good bit of laughs from these skits and the framerate was really smooth as well,great job man you are getting better and better by the flash so keep on keepin on. =)

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CrispyZero responds:

Then I shall keep on.

very funny

You misspelled "replay". It's "replay" not "replai". Make sure you spell check before you put it into coding. It did make me laugh, but you should've made these flashes longer. Aside from that i can't find anything else to improve on.

CrispyZero responds:

Lol@spellcheck, that was on purpose.
Still, thanks for the liking.


Sorry man, but i didn't like it. Sprite toons take very little effort to make and are hard to make one worth watching. If you had voices or made it entertaining then this would be worth watching.

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CrispyZero responds:

Voices, that always seems to be the one thing my Flashes are mising.

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3.18 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2009
12:34 PM EST
Comedy - Parody