Blast Animation 2

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Hey guys i just read the reviews and decided to change it. I updated it and made it look better.

After seeing how many views the first Blast Animation got i decided to make another one. This one has better animation and is funnier. Sponsored by, Energized Games, http://energizedgames.com . Donations: Please send your donations to my paypal account at blake@energizedgames.com The amount of views this video gets will determine if their is a 3rd.



Well using Stickmen is a bad idea unless you can really pull it off and make something wickid, the sound wasn't in sync but other then that you got the basic stuff down, so ill give you a 3/10 and a 1/5

trut30 responds:

I'am only in my third mont of animating and im only 12, so i can see what you mean. Plus i just updated it.


-Animation: poor. stickmen...
-Sound effects: kind of bad, too few to mention actually.
-Music: not in sync (you can hear it's a loop because it's lagging evry time it starts over)

Overall a bad quality movie, no story or anything that made sense to me. Use voice acting, the text was unreadable.


At least you took the time to make a preloader.

The animation wasn't great, neither was the fact that you couldn't read half the text because of the background.

Try a little harder next time.

It was all right...

I liked the gore, and the idea, but theres a few things that could be changed.

This is no 3 minute video. The pre-loader claims it is. Please fix that.

The writing could be neater. Either magnify in closer, or use text.

Sound effects and music usually make or break flashes.

Thanks for the video, Im going to check out the other one now.

trut30 responds:

I fixed it and now it looks a lot better, thanks for the review.

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1.64 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
1:02 PM EST
Comedy - Original