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It was 1 year ago today(Feb 20 2009) that I first released the original PongOut around the web, to celebrate its first birthday today I'm releasing a brand new PongOut game, PongOut: Anniversary Edition(AE).

PongOut: Anniversary Edition is a multitasker where you have to play Pong and Breakout simultaneously. Use the Mouse or the Arrow/AWSD keys to move your paddles(controls selected ingame). In this new version theres a lot of new things, including the following:

Completely redesigned game mechanics (New score system, better difficulty balancing etc)
Gradual Difficulty Increases(Background changes represent the increasing difficulty, the ball gets faster with each progression)
Particle Effects and totally revamped graphics(Nearly every game element has undergone changes)
Brand new unlockable power ups(As you play you'll unlock new power ups when you reach certain scores, there are 2 new ones to unlock)
15 new Breakout levels, with a logical level up system
Tons of bug fixes

Your goal is to survive as long as possible to try and get a high score, the game features live score boards you can compete against the world! Each difficulty has seperate score boards so don't be afraid to try a harder mode if you can handle it ;). Press P to pause and M to mute the music anytime ingame.

I really hope you enjoy this one, I put quite a lot of effort into it! Also portal owners feel free to add this game to your site, spread the love :).

Have fun,



Bloody multi tasking!

couldn't stop playing though, lots of stuff going on, really good game. "well done" and "keep it up" notations were prompted at good times!

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completely fcked up my brain ^^ ! good game , good concept !

grats !

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I liked it!!!

it was a decent game. i thought it was tricky because of the two paddles you had to controll at once and chalenging for the mind.

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Ha, awesome.

Hehe... freakin' hard. I love it. This makes me think of controlling two ships at once in Raiden III.

The difficulty in this is refreshing, because it's fair. There is nothing cheap about it -- the game is hard, because that's just the circumstance of it (as the human brain never actually multitasks, but quickly switches from one task to another). I never felt frustrated with the game; I knew every mistake was of my own fault.

Great game. Great concept. Wish I didn't suck so much at it.

--mister. jones

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fun fun fun

this was really fun. i makes u multitask

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3.94 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2009
3:41 PM EST
Skill - Other