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Zelda Hero Returns 1

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Hello everyone, I decided to finally submit work to New grounds...yeah I know I should have done that a long time ago, but I just kept putting it off and decided I should finally do it already. I made this flash back on October 31st of 2008, so it's not brand new, but I think it's ok. For those of you who don't know I have a lot of Zelda videos that I've made from 2003 to now, and they're all on my website which is www.zeldalinkedgreen.com so please visit me there, I hope you enjoy the episode and have a good day!


I'm going to answer some questions since people have asked a lot about some stuff:

*Don't read until you watch the movie!!!*

1. Link can fly because in my version of the story he gets Golden Boots...which is an upgrade from the hover boots...that allow him to fly

2. Yes some of the animations are repeated...I did that because it took me hours to make just one fight animation like that, so I recycled it a lot

3. Dark Link can't pull himself together at the end because he's hurt too badly, he eventually does come back together but he's too injured at the time.

4. There is no Episode 2, this is a remake of Episode 1, so Episode 2 does exist...but it's old...made back in 2003 old.

I hope that answers most your questions


This is a remake of an old flash I did back in 2003, in the old series there are 57 Episodes, and in 2008 I only made 3 remakes.

Episode 1
Episode 30
Episode 42

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Love it.... I hope you remake the rest when you have time.

I found those lyrics on Youtube on Episode 47 and the credits.


I have watchthis thing like 100 times and it still is epic. I have read mangas and played all the games of LoZ and have never seen an epic battle of Dark Link and Link.


As a die hard Zelda fan, namely a fan who LIKES QUALITY and ACTUAL PLOT and EPIC FIGHT SCENES...


YOu need to like, have altars built to your greatness, man. WOW


Really good!

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Feb 20, 2009
12:52 PM EST