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Final Fantasy 7 : Forgotten Twilight Trailer. This quick trailer was a final test to see how my drawing capabilities were with a gimpy mouse. This will be the last flash movie I draw with a mouse, and am soon to get my graphic tablet to maximize the potential of drawings in flash and basically speed up the process by 50 times faster. We all hate the mouse way and any serious flash artist should buy a graphic tablet to produce at max potential. Enjoy the short and please write some constructive criticism.



So, here are my problems with it.

1. Your art style is... horrendous to say the least. A lot of people are going to be turned off simply by the way you portray these characters. Just seeing cloud on the menu screen almost made me close the window and forget about it. I think that's an inherent problem that you can't fix, so be prepared for the backlash for your (for lack of a better term) ugly art style when you complete the final product.

2. This is hardly even animated. I saw a moving background, then I saw some blurring effects on the wheels of a motorcycle and some tweening up and down. Woo. It's like watching someone shuffle a still picture around.

3. This is a trailer right? Trailers are supposed to show a little bit of what they'll be getting with the final product. This does NOTHING but show us still pictures of Cloud Strife. You show him riding a motorcycle, then you show a fancy scene cut to him with his face toward the ground and a sword in his hand. We know nothing about the story, what to expect, or even any short scenes to hook us in and make us want it. Frankly, I can watch this, and I'll simply just skip over the final product when it comes out.

4. The cheesy metal soundtrack. Ugh. That, coupled with the subject matter and the elementary art style just give this whole project a weird "hardcore fanboy" feel to it that just turns me off completely.

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

If my style is horrendous then Obama must be a girl in disguise. You are the only immature minded viewer to ever think of something like that. People don't need to be "turned on" to view a flash movie, you hentai loving child. There has to be a visual sign of effort involved which you clearly don't understand. If you think that a mouse drawing graphic style that consistently changes with each author is an inherent problem then you lack mentality and knowledge of flash in general. Don't try and speak high and mighty when you clearly lack the concept of flash movies in such a subjectively disgusting point of view.

um... sure

the art was ok... graphics was ok...
i think you worked more on the shading then on the picture itself..
but anyways, is was good enought to get a 6/10
and a 3/5

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Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

I agree with you this movie isn't even a trailer I just had to label it as something so people wouldn't get completely pissed off that its soo short with no plot summary, I hate this movie more than you do, I just wanted to see how high of a score it can achieve and my predictions were right a pure boring pile of shit :P


Big fan of FF7, and I like the exhibition you've posted. While, as others have said, it's not very long and all that, I think you explained yourself sufficient in the comments, so I won't go on about that. You said you're picking up a graphic tablet, but the art styling you have is sort of reminiscent of Peter Chung with Aeon Flux and his other shorts and books he did, is it going to remain that way even without the mouse? I'm a fan of that art styling as well, so I hope that's how it turns out. Good work!

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

Thank you for the review! It looks like your the only one that read the exhibition lol And for the drawings you are correct. This mouse handling is only a very small fraction of my true free hand drawing potential as I have been an artist since the age of 6. My video will easily be over 4 to 5 minutes long with major plot material and the animations will wow the shit out of people. I quit this submission because It took me too long to draw cloud over with a mouse so expect to see my movie like Peter Chung's style in the future, Since your an FF7 fan you wont wanna miss it!

No clue what's going on

All I see is Cloud on a bike and then he swings his sword...that went so fast and yet if it was longer, it would be totally awesome and still be a trailer. I mean, trailers usually hint at storylines and I don't see one here...o.O

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

wait till the full movie when I have my graphic tablet this was just an experiment.


But it needs to be longer, and there was no storyline in it at all. I don't understand this movie at all. Good sound and animation, though.

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3.87 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2009
9:52 PM EST