SDL- Axen Vs. Aurelio

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Hey, long time no see Newgrounds.
This is an animation for the DeviantArt league known as Samurai Duelers League. This is my original character Axen going up against CaptRosko's original character Aurelio D'Seles in the SDL tournament Winter Bash. This is the second round and a 4 page comic preceeds this animation. If you care for more story, go check out my deviantart page for comics and links to the other people in the tournament.

This was completed in 4 weeks at 18 frames per second and with 400+ frame by frame animation.

The music was also from

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I was getting excited because the fighting was really picking up and looking good and then BAM: The End.
That was a rather big letdown :(


why are they fighting it was cool but they go boom then she pulls out like a fuckin pistol o well oh toooo short

Should be better for the length, and your skill.

I won't judge this movie for the length, but for it to be less than a minute, and with your drawing skill (I see it) this should've been much better. It was very animated, which is more than I can say for a lot of flashers on here (including myself), but the timing and the movements need some work. Most of the time, the fighting looked like it didn't have much force or impact, but it wasn't fluid either like a 'graceful' fight. Maybe add some ease so that the movements look more convincing next time around, and it'll really juice your stuff up. Also, please for the love of god don't bother adding dialogue if there's no VA, it just takes away from the animation here, ESPECIALLY since their mouths... don't... move... But you're very good though, I love your drawing style, it's just that drawing style can't carry a cartoon by itself, even a short one. Wanna see more.

Never bring a knife to a gun fight

Or was it that the women was being a total cheating bitch. Cause the guy had a look on his face like if i knew you had a gun i would have brought a bigger one.

Good animation liked the black and white stuff, clean up the animation and longer would have been nice. Nice cliff hanger better than most.


Hey, yeah, that was great. Would have been better had it been more than 15 seconds long, but the animation itself was excellent.

Alamus responds:

It was 35 seconds thank you very much. :D

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3.82 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2009
8:31 PM EST