I Return (Initial Edit)

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Mark Ruff Ryder returns in this action packed music video.

Spent a month on this one, learned the value of patience, efficiency and Red Bull too. I went to Chinatown to take pictures and video clips which was exciting. I hope you enjoy this!

Writer, Director, Music: Mark Ruff Ryder
Artist: denzel-crocker
Vocals: Lady Libra

Production Facts:
- Mouse-drawn and animated in Flash
- Edited in an external movie editor
- Re-exported in Flash

I'm sorry about the size i tried my best to limit it while retaining the most of it's quality ^^

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very good

why it isnt on front page. hm maybe because no on eknew you submited this. u have to be very loud and public with ur stuff like saying i made a new animation on ur website or maybe newgrounders are just turned awy buy the sound. i kinda was till i saw u animated it lol great

d-z responds:

No one's supposed to see this yet, this isn't the final i just put it here because this is where i keep all my works, thanks :-)


This is really something.
Stumbled across it by accident and its the best thing i've done all day.
Im curious though.. Why only 6 reviews?
NG is a crazy place when some crap i've seen gets loadsss of reviews then a impressive piece like this gets nothing.

Gonna go check out your other submissions now.. If you have any of course!

Keep it up!

Brilliant animation but annoying song

I found all the animation to work for me but the song was like sticking my head inside a blender with music blaring. You have always impressed me with your animation style and I love all the different angles. Plus the realworld scene seemed to work well.

You are

without doubt the best animator on newgrounds.


d-z responds:

Not sure about that but there's a PT coming but it's a gangbang.


I expect to see this on the front page by tomorrow.
If not, I will be disappointed by the Newgrounds staff.

d-z responds:

I'm sincere when i say that Newgrounds is a mystery way bigger than us. I think about Newgrounds most of the time. There's a lot of people coming in.... From where? And people don't come in for the porno, it's something else. Could it be that NG contains the Unmoved Mover....

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2009
8:37 AM EST
Music Video