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Zeitgeist Addendum R:3

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Author Comments

Personally I found zeitgeist addendum to be a great documentary and as it says on the zeitgeist website itself they encourage the film to be duplicated. So what I've done is I've re-made the first part of addendum in flash to show it to you if you haven't already seen it. By re-animating it flash I've reduced the file size of it dramatically so it may be distributed faster. Then you can decide if you want to see the rest.

I've had so spilt it up into 4 flash movies. The total time of part 1 is 25mins. Adding up all four flash movies it's 7.8mb. That's pretty good I think considering it's a whole 25min.

The first part of zeitgeist addendum talks about how money is created and how it affects society.

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im spreading this everywhere.

this is the greatest thing ive ever seen

Delicious Flash

Great project!

Help spread the word!... Flash or Non!

Cmon newgrounds..

One of these need to be on the front page, for real. Not only is the message important and should at least be considered, but a lot of work was put into this presentation.
Seriously newgrounds, do the right thing here. If "walmart siblings" can be on the front page, this sure as hell can.

to godyousuck

What he means by GDP is the government. In other words, provided that the government is there, the dollar is worth a dollar. If you don't get it, pick up Making Money by Terry Pratchett, it's a fiction novel but he does explain how government backed money works.

anyway I don't really care too much for zeitgeist I in my opinion it's a lot of bull.

I just have one point

To Warlordnipple - Your point that the dollar being backed by the GDP being more reliable and fair is so ridiculous. Because such a large segment of our economy within our borders is in the service industry (where you pay people to do your work for you or make you feel better) as opposed to solid goods the GDP is highly unreliable. When there is a downturn like we are currently experiencing the first industry to suffer is the service industry making us highly vulnerable as a whole to inflation as people who are in the service industry become another statistic in unemployment and / or bankruptcy and such. And your backing question what would happen if someone came and blew up all of our gold? Ha, well we already have almost no gold, we've been selling to foreign countries for years, decades perhaps. So I'm a little confused as to what "conspiracy theory" you are a party to.