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WARNING! It's only a 30 second long commercial. (Only submitting cuz most of it was done in flash.)

Well, since I'm slacking on Reincarnation 2, I had to throw something up that I did for the month of February. Unfortunately, it's this semi- letdown of a commercial I made last month for a contest. Didn't win.

It feels very unfinished. I need to stop rushing stuff.


It is unfinished

It is weird how there were so many people that were helping you on something so short. It was a little difficult to even understand what the characters were saying. Seeing as how one of them appeared to be Mike Tyson, it is at least appropriate. The strongest point is probably how well the animation is! I do seriously think this could be put on a professional network as it appears to be more detailed than anything you have done before. With something so short, I can certainly understand why you would feel unfinished.

hmm... okay

Nice animation and a bit funny.
But you can defantly tell it's rushed.
It's too short as well.
But hey you tried well.

pretty good...

good job. Something about the voice-over work threw me off but I can't put my finger on it.....

Would make a great commercial.

Excellent movie. I think maybe you should raise the sound level on the man in the middle because I could not understand him very clearly. Other then that great animation, good work.

Mike Tyson... Lol

This movie was funny. You should give it a watch. It surpasses Seth Mcfarlane's mini shorts for BK.

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Feb 17, 2009
5:53 PM EST