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NOTICE 4/27/09: Please share your comments with this movie. I mean srsly, 444 views and only 4 of you commented? I can see that most of the viewers would get it out of the way just to make this make this movie's score lower. I want to understand why you made it lower. Please respond and check to see if I have responded to your comments. If you have anything to say about my comments, send me a private message. DON'T go to my user page and rant about my response on my current post. If you do, I will be forced to strike you with the ban hammer. Thank you.

This is the test intro which would have been seen in the pilot. Since I suddenly could not finish the pilot episode. I will try to re-install Flash if I can. It might delete my Flash files which would extend the release of the pilot episode of Doods. Sorry for those who were really waiting to see my series :( Please vote and comment fairly, and by FAIRLY, I mean don't give me a low rating because of its animation. Please comment, I really need the comments. My goal is to have at least 50-90 comments and to have a score of at least 2.90. So please please please please pleassssssssssse vote and comment after watching. Its short. Be fair and thank you for those who voted and commented.

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Not bad...

...but still very pointless.there isn't really posting an opening to your series until you actually post a few episodes of it here,but in genral with this i'd improve on graphics and animation.sound choice was decent however,which sounds good for an intro,but that doesn't redeem the flash.but it wasn't too bad.


PKforce323 responds:

Thank you for not being a total dick and saying it sucked monkey scrotum right after finishing the movie. I was going to post the episode, but my trial was over before I could finish. I have no intention of ever continuing this series unless I get a serial number for Flash CS4.

how long

did it take you to make this? like 2 minutes? Try adding dome detail.

1 for effort

PKforce323 responds:

It took me 5 minutes to make the intro. I made this when I didn't know how to animate so well. And seriously, only a 1 for effort? Piss off.

slide show

ya that was pretty bad. 0/10

you 100% earned it buddy and oh, it was a slideshow

PKforce323 responds:

First of all, it is not a fucking slid show so stop getting on my nerves with hat shit. Second, a 0/10 for poor animation? Dude, it took me forever to get as far as I did! A t least give me some points for trying! Last but not least, how could you think that I deserved a 0 100%? I'd like to see YOU do better!

Well, friend

It looks like it would have been promising enough as a full animation, but for now it's simply a slideshow of differently coloured circles, and is not particularly worthy of having a spot in the portal for itself at the moment.

PKforce323 responds:

A slid show is when you show one picture after another. I didn't show one picture after another in the form of a slid show. I animated it MY SELF. So don't call it a slid show >:( But thanks for the review any ways.

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Feb 17, 2009
3:25 PM EST
Comedy - Original