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RE5: Public Assembly

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Resident Evil 5 has recieved some controversy over the fact that all the zombies were black. Is Chris Refield a racist, or does the ends justify the means What ever that means. What really went down during the assembly.

Made by Me Gonzo, And Tom Ebblewhite :P. Thanks Rina-Chan for voicing Sheva.
This is not intended to offend anyone, its just for shits n giggles ;)
Thanks iggy for makin ma icon a gif :D

3 Easter Eggs

1. Albert Wesker
3. How the game should end

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i played this game before though this was the only part of the game that i remember from my childhood

Hahaha... i remember when i saw this when i was young XD
Well done !
Also loved your humor :D

With a story and a bit of a lesson at the end, nice.

Really good quality

You have some good Material here with this submission, I was taken back with some of the stuff that was going on but it was all in good fath, This is a great Discovery here on the portal, and I wish more artists and designers would go more of this rout and such, But anyways this was done Wonderfully and showed the time and effort you have put fourth here. I have to say these characters are very good, awsome textures awsome details and the animation was very imressive good detail, and you also made the "STORY" come alive, it was a tad "SHORT" but still very impressive. To Produce something like this does take work, A little more detail, and something more to attract more of the attention and so on, but anyways it was a decent submission. I like the Momentum of this submission.

I always like to suggest some positive ideas and outlook, on some good stuff here in the portal, and this one caught my eye, Only thing I can say about this one would be to make these a tad bit longer.


LOL! Chris should've been more careful with his aim!