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Clock men

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A parody of Johny Utah's, Tankmen
i did all the art myself and didn't rip him off like most other Tankmen flashes do
i was working on remaking all of them and putting them in one big special flash but flash got finicky and i lost a ton of my work twice, so I'm releasing them one at a time as i finish them.

it does have clocks but they are well drawn and refined and not the typical spam you guys see evry other second here, you will notice that if you watch 2 seconds of the flash.

I hope you guys enjoy this!
more to come as things happen

all reviews will be responded to

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... this wasn't so bad

this wasn't so bad idk why all the haters.... but i mean you didn't write the script so it wasn't very original but it was a good animation. and i like how the lock legion was fighting the clock people haha thats a good one. Good animation i bet you could make ur own good one too :D

TheL1st responds:

I have. And they shall call it marshmallow squad

How is that not ripped off?

I'd say this was good and original and not a rip off of Utah's stuff but,
you used almost every single word he used.....all you changed was making them said by Speakonia and changed like 3 words from the original,

but the drawing were nice
so 4

TheL1st responds:

that was the point good sir


it was good id give you a 10 but wtf why did it keep rewinding itself after it said something about cabbage kids

TheL1st responds:

you have to right click and select play then liek restart the movie, its an isue with flash player sometimes it repeats movie clips instead of playing the whole swf

this sucks.

your a ripoff piece of shit. this isn't even the same fucking idea you lil shit.

all in all, amazing flash.


TheL1st responds:


Needs a little bit of work

And slow down the computer voices

TheL1st responds:

i'll see what i cna do, there are subtitles though