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Close Encntr/Wrong kind

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Titled "Close Encounter of the Wrong Kind"

Finally My senior film from SCAD, finished back in August '08 and I just now figured out how to put it up.

I don't know much of what to say about this. It's taken over 300 hours of work, over the course of three school quarters and a summer. It's the largest artistic endeavor I've ever undertaken. I'm very proud of it, and for some reason, a little embarrassed when my parents show it off to all there friends.

Animated, cleaned, and colored completely with Flash. I did all the animation, most of the cleanup, layout is kinda crappy, and all the coloring. I intended it for it to be colorful instead of black and white but I did that for time reasons. My friend Brandon helped with cleanup, and my sound designer Julia Mugge was very enthusiastic on doing the soundtrack. She liked it so much that she put it on top of her "to do" list, and that made me happy.

... Hope you like it.

-Animation & Direction: Me
-Sound Design & Music: Julia Mugge
-Additional Cleanup/Coloring: Brandon Lee Berger
-Special thanks for my friend: Lydia Williams for suggestions that improved the timing of the whole thing. And to my parents, who supported my decision in majoring in animation and putting me through college.

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Wow, really great job!

I really really like your character design, they were very expressive and abstratct. the music fit the hill billy characters. the editing was good. the time scale was long enough to tell the story, without dragging. Great job! I hope you got an A.

Chelo-kun responds:

As a matter of fact, I did. Thank you, thank you very much!

Very nice

Excellent animation and voice over. Story was funny has hell as well. Good show


Pretty funny, and I loved the graphics. I have a question. Is this in video? It looks like coming from one. it would be cool to see it better made in flash.

Chelo-kun responds:

Each shot was done in a separate flash file. It was all put together in Premiere with a single shot of soundtrack that was given to me by my sound designer. If you tell me how to break it up into separate scenes, I can do it all in flash and it would look better.

lol pretty good

but your telling me something that advanced doesn't have a bathroom on it? :P

Chelo-kun responds:

Bet that's what they were thinking when the alien dude left.