Securing Economic Success

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An educational flash on how to make it in this bad economy.

From the mind of Mr. Broker's Guide to Stocktown and How to Find Money in Poop.



Title was practically unrelated to the flash, unless you mean we should cut all effort on things.

Second, you broke a key rule in creating anything: don't say "this is about..."
Saying "This flash is about..." is like starting an essay with "this paper is about..." It's probably the worst thing you can ever do.

MakairaMazara responds:

It's called humor and taking from inference, do you take every comedy at face value? If so, you must be a sad, sad man.

As for your second point, It was an injoke, silver and golden wanted flashes made about them. I won't expect you to understand.

Uh, ok

I usually find the clock crew work funny, but this short was not even worth a smile, was too short and not funny, when i noticed i was watching the credits, i got very confused, lol...

MakairaMazara responds:

Obviously some people got it, so if you didn't I would've appreciated a bit more elaboration as to why not.


It was funny. But It was short, good choice of music. I look forward to the next one.

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MakairaMazara responds:

Brevity is the soul of wit, as they say.

Well you used my Preloader from so long ago

And it had the classic clock crew style which I find humorous always. You can definitely improve the length but I guess this was supposed to be a short. Anyway funny cartoon and to always make sure your dimensions are right because their is a slight seem along the side.

MakairaMazara responds:

Yours eh? I needed one, so just plucked it from the library and BBQ was the guy who uploaded it so I just thought it was his.

Thanks for the honesty. It wasn't until afterwords I noticed that seam, but I really just didn't feel like correcting it.

No thanks.

I'm just not into the whole clocks thing.

MakairaMazara responds:

Thank you for a totally non-biased review.

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3.10 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2009
6:58 PM EST
Comedy - Original