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Michael Jackson VS Luigi

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I have had some practice with flash before, And so I hope this video is "Decent". comments would be appreciated so I can inprove on my skills. Thanks for watching and injoy!

PS- This is the first video where I use Action script, prety cool! and the first flash that I use Sound.

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It's cool:)

Great !! Mj beat the shit out of himm loll !! but r.i.p king of pop yhu will be forever loved and missed !! <3


Sorry man but this was rubbish. The end was especially annoying, waiting for luigi to stop spinning and then he just blows up. Yawn. Plus, Luigi would kick Michael Jackson's ass!!!!


i didnt expect michael jackson to win... that was slightly odd but, dare i say it, freakin hilarious at the same time.

good first practice, but it needs a story

That was a good practice run. i wasn't sure if you were going for a serious fight sequence, or if you were going for comedy. the music you put in favors a comedy. you should put DIALOUGE BALLOONS, or THOUGHT BUBBLES in your animation. that way you can deliver a punch line if neccessary....
Give Luigi a goal: he's going out side to check his mail, or
he's going to try and ask Princess toad stool on a date, or
you can show Luigi's motivation by using dialouge and thought balloons.
then show how luigi's plans/mood changes when he encounters michael jackson.
it needs a story though. keep up the good work, there's potential here. ;)

Weegee123 responds:

Thank you for the addvice! I liked how you didnt scream at me and tryed to help me improve, I like that! I will try for next time, and I got to admit, I fell asleep after watching it 2 times.