The Smithy Gang-Waffles

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Sorry that my drawings/animation isn't too good but hey this is my first 'real' flash also I don't have a tablet so I have to use a mouse T~T Still Enjoy y'all

Well I made this for a friend of mine on DeviantArt but sadly DevaintArt messes up the quality and and the sound lags so I posted it here as my first submission

Also on my computor the sound dosent match the video, if that is the case please tell me in a review and I will delete it (if I can figure out how)

Please don't spam saying it sucks I know it does


hey, this doesn't suck!!!

I like waffles. So why should i hate songs about waffles? Or animations about waffles?

THIS RULES!!!!!! YEEAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

10'd 5'd and Fav'd ^_^


deadbonesally responds:

wow...thank you...I do not know what to say, thanks for liking my work, you've made me really happy now ^ ^


Wasn't too bad. I liked the song a lot though :]~

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deadbonesally responds:

Thanks ^ ^ I know I won't be the ext Egoraptor but I hope I can get prety close XD Thanks for the fair score ^ ^

Mario RPG xD

The sound does match <.< not the best I've seen but points for entertainment. The sync is good throughout the whole video and even though the drawings aren't great they fit the goofy nature of the song.

deadbonesally responds:

IT MATCHES!! hm quite ironic my own flash comes out crappy on MY OWN COMPUTOR!! sorry just had to get that out...thanks for the fair score I'll work harder next time. Thank you ^ ^

I liked it

Though the overall animation wasn't that good it still had a nice feel good to it mainly cause of the waffles song but the facial expressions of the characters and the fact i am fan of the Smithy Gang i can give this the benefit of the doubt so yeah overall it's a nice start.

deadbonesally responds:

Yes sadly animation isn't my strong suit, but I'm still glad that you liked it ^ ^ Thank you for the fair score

that song!

animation was ok, but that song is VIRAL!

deadbonesally responds:

XD I knew I'd get a review like yours, thanks for the score, and I know my animation sucks but I'll try my best ^ ^

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2.79 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2009
2:42 PM EST
Comedy - Parody