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stimpy's NG experience

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i drew this by hand, it's stimpy from ren and stimpy, telling the true and tragic story of a so far failed attempt at a collab about old school cartoons

http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1027607

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very true

DON'T JOIN A COLLAB WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING!!!!, oh and nice job with the hand drawn thing, that is just wonderfull, a forgotten art. Kudos.

maybe its cuz its really late

but i am dying from laughing. hahahahaha

too funny man. if i knew how to do the stuff you do, i'd totally help you.

I could help.

I loved this submission, and I would have helped with the collab had I known about it. Now, I need a clue about what cartoons qualify. I remember watching "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiago." I can't really remember much more than the theme song, though. Hm... dang, I need help thinking of a part.

I'm just learning...

I miss the old school cartoons. I suck at drawing though and my animation skills are very noobish right now. Unless I was able to use sprites or something... but I can't see how I'd be able to use sprites to make a piece about old cartoons.

How old are we talking here? rocky and bullwinkle old? or how about earthworm jim? Secret squirrel anyone?


If I had any talent whatsoever I'd join but sadly I do not....

wam-bo responds:

it's the thought that counts