elmo short-you're toast!

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this is about a minute long and gorey .yes elmo dies. if you dont like that youve been warned and flaming me will only make you look like a jackass. anyways elmo gets in a little trouble with a toaster

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mecagir do you want to eat elmo toast

n ice

definately a good effort, ad repetatum.... (ok thats not a word) happy tree friends definately your thing.... good job

mecagir responds:

hey thanks and ur right htf is definantly my thing! :) flippys my favorite!

Im sure you have seen them but

watch happy tree friends its definitely your art style lol Good job

mecagir responds:

o trust me I have. I have al theire dvds :) thanks man

Eventhough it was pretty cheesey, I liked it.

You're influenced by Happy Tree friends, aren't you? :P

mecagir responds:

lol more than u know i got all the dvds. their kinda my inspiration :)

Bring on the gore!

Awsome video man.

Loved the dead faces whilst it loaded.

Elmo getting crushed, and toasted. It was all awsome.

Can't wait for more.

The sound (Screaming) Is a bit messed up.

Maybe add some gore sound effects when hes getting crushed, and stuff like that. (If there was gore sounds I have forgoten em, lol)

mecagir responds:

hey thanks man thare are tons more already up and im adding a new one today. im glad u liked it

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4.22 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2009
11:52 PM EST
Comedy - Original