sprite elimination 2

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This is the second installmentof the sprite elimination series.

The prospect is the same. Mario vs. yoshi, but two newcomers arrive, both powerful, and the fray continues.

It is, as the title implies, a sprite animation. If you don't like sprites, then that's your problem

Also, the sprite elimination collab is still open, check my news page if you want in, or PM me.


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Your flash is cool and all but I am just asking(I asked you before)that MAYBE you should try your own stuff instead most of Alvin' and yours might look even cooler!I am not going againt you or anything.I still like your flash excpecialy the Mr.Saturn thing(Ha ha).I will give you a 10/10.

metlwing responds:

While mine is similar to alvins for now, and I agree I need to move further, I say:

I have noticed that I develope my own style by trying out other users styles sometimes, or at least being inspired by them,

And that DBZ fighting style doesn't neccesarily mean alvin's, my style will deviate from Alvin-Earthworms in the future, but will still remain DBZ influenced.

I understand you aren't going against me, and thank you for your review


OMG, GO MR. Saturn!!!



Not bad.

I'm not going to trash on being inspired by Alvin or anything, hell, I'm inspired by his work myself, but I think you need to work on special effects and sounds so they're not such an obvious re-use.

I think the lag issue that people mentioned from episode one (and probably here too) is from over-use of blurs, I've encountered that problem while mucking around in Flash myself.

Aside from that I think you show promise... just need to try more of your own thing instead of mimicking Alvin (that goes for a lot of sprite animators here).

metlwing responds:

really, I've noticed I'm moving further away from Alvin (though I still am inspired), and started getting my own style.

I can explain these things:

The blurs, are because when your moving a background fast, I gets very choppy looking without a blur.

By re-examing the part where the lag grew, it was a fast transition to black, and I forgot to movieclip the bg. I found out that when it creates objects called tween1, etc. it creates lag when you try to move or blur it. that might help you too.

The effects I use I found from a DBZ website, and I did use that screech sound effect with the double side spreading thing too much. And thank you for that advice.

Thank you, but I think also, even in this one, my own style is developing. I found that when I animated in another program (TISFAT) with stick figures, I started off emulating others styles, but through that, my own naturally emerged. I hope that happens here.

good review!

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Feb 8, 2009
4:08 AM EST