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Such is Life...

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I almost aborted this baby on a couple of occasions. I must say that I'm happy I finished it and I'm pleased with the results.

This cartoon taught me a lot about making animation that doesn't totally suck. Hope you like it.

*Update Feb 7th, 2009: Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback and encouragement. I set out to make an entertaining cartoon with a simple, tight storyline, and it looks like I succeeded. Rest assured, I am gonna take what I've learned and start spitting out some more random shit for you all to enjoy. Thanks again

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this is awsome


very nice animation
I'l show this to my kids later when I tell them about the flowers and the bees ; )

"Oh, Wow"

The orange flower NEVER gets a break. So, sad. Although I had top admit somewhere between the bee humping, cat farting, and lawn mower, I found his pain amusing. lol Great animation, make more~!! :3

stupid ugly boy

i want to hear more joke that comes from flowers


he mutsa been humped lik krazy to lose mor than half of all his petals