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Sketched - Last Requests

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It's his dying wishes... you HAVE to do them.

**Update 2/5/09 - Wow! Front Page! Thanks so much to everyone on NG!**

**Update 2/5/09 - Daily second! Thanks once again to everyone who watched, reviewed and voted and of course thanks to NG and all its awesome glory.**

Hey everyone, hope you enjoy our new installment to the Sketched series. This episode marks a number of firsts. For instance this is the first episode to feature the voice of every member of the Sketched voice acting crew.

Also this is the first episode where you will see artwork other than my own. Smirk Studios was kind enough to do all of the background artwork and if I say so my self it contributes greatly to the overall quality of the sketch.

Hope you enjoy.


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Good stuff

Wow, This was Enticing I had no idea that a Flash that looked so simple could have so much style. What really makes this work is that it doesn't try to be Super fancy or anything. This was pretty good nice animation even some good humor I did think the voices could have come with some subtitles but not really needed but still pretty impressive, this film was kind of long and that was ok too And so there you have it another entry submitted with some interesting and odd happenings but those are the ones I like, it was not the perfect of submissions but you still added a twist here and there, and i generally enjoyed your presentation, I guess this type of flash may only target a certain market of viewers but guess thats ok too.

A few improvments could be done here so below and even above in the review I have posted a few ideas that could really make this flash take off, so use some of these ideas, even as basic as some may be but in the end your flash will be much better for it. and who knows you may see some unexpected oucomes aswell with a more efficiant running flash entry. This one could use some subtitles, not needed but would be a good feature of the film.


laundry dude

he kinda looked like my brother in law ...... also in idiot in the movie as well as real life

The end!

It made me Lol! "Like a women" Hahhaha!


i wanted to see the hez-wife break dance


why did ju say those things lol