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enjoy (Audio/ Nintendo Tetris) :D

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I liked it

I digged the little animation man, with a bit of refining I reckon your next submission will be very entertaining!
Simple but awesome.

CYCLOKAT responds:


It was okay

Ending was lame, but the music was nice and I watched it like 10 times just to hear it go crazy... maby something to work on?

CYCLOKAT responds:



AMAZING SONG!!! i watch it like 4 times and the songs get togethere and is like a tetris song remix wow so cool nice work man

CYCLOKAT responds:


Sorry but...

I just didn't like it. It was like a slide show rather than a movie and didn't really have any meaning.
Also the music plays again when the movie restarts, with the first times round music still also playing.

To fix with action script 2 (if your using it): either put "stop();" at the end of the movie or if you want the movie to repeat and you're playing the sound with action script then put:
(play sound script)

To the top?

It was good, and the music sorta felt like it belonged, but the big downer was that it was a wee bit too short. Forget about "plot development" and "character development" or any other crap! It was a short story and was good, that's that!